More snow is in the forecast for Monday, but only a few inches

February 12, 2010|By Frank Roylance | Baltimore Sun reporter

Marylanders may cringe at news of yet another snowstorm next week. But the Alberta Clipper due here Monday might hardly warrant a shrug after what we've been through in the past week.

"We do think it will be all snow," said Stephen Konarik, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service forecast office in Sterling, Va. "It does look potent enough to cause some accumulation, but it doesn't look like a lot. Several inches are not out of the question."

"Several inches" is what fell in an hour during parts of the back-to-back storms that have unloaded 44 inches at the airport in the past week. But those storms were different.

"The previous storms had a strong southern component," Konarik said. They swept in loads of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. This one is much drier. "This is kind of a traditional clipper, coming right out of Alberta. It will enter the northern U.S. on Saturday and then push ... into our area on Monday.

"It should be moving pretty quickly," he said. "So even though we've got a 50 percent chance [of precipitation] Monday afternoon through Monday night ... it looks like it will be moving through fairly quickly. This is not a long-term snow event."

Until then, the bright sunshine that speeded the melting and shoveling process Thursday will continue through Sunday, Konarik said. Highs will hold in the 30s, allowing snow to melt, while nighttime lows drop to the teens, so the meltdown does not become a flood.

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