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February 12, 2010|by Matt Vensel | | b free daily

Who doesn't love a good mailbag? Some good sportswriters do them -- including two of my favorites,'s Bill Simmons and SI's Peter King. Maybe having my own will make me a good writer, too.

Wait, Stuart Scott has one, right? Nevermind, I guess it's not a cause-effect relationship after all. Oh well, you're getting my mailbag anyway. It won't be monthly, just whenever I feel like doing it. So send over your questions, and they might make it in b.

jeffw171 on Twitter responds to Wednesday's mock draft where I had the Ravens taking Illinois WR Arrelious Benn: "Why not Jermaine Gresham or Brandon LaFell?" Jeff added that he's not a big Benn fan because he played in the Big Ten and didn't put up big stats with Juice Williams, who is atrocious.

Benn is going to be a good player, trust me. He's a raw talent, but is fast and strong with good hands and an NFL body. He's the bigger, physical target Joe Flacco needs to work the middle of the field. I'm not sold on LaFell, who can't stretch the field, as a first-rounder. But I wouldn't complain if the Ravens took Gresham, the top tight end in the draft. He can run. He can catch. And he can block, which is important in Baltimore.

wheelsee on Twitter writes: "Do you foresee the Ravens taking [Boise State CB] Kyle Wilson in Round 1 under any circumstance?" It's a possibility. The Ravens have to draft a corner at some point, that's for sure. But they will draft for value, not need, in the first round. If Wilson is at the top of their board when they pick, they'll take him. He's a bit on the small side, but he's quick and has good cover skills.

Mo_Rease on Twitter writes: "Who do you think will be the next breakout star in the NFL?" Demetrius Williams. Just kidding.

It's always hard to predict which talented youngsters will go all supernova on us like Chris Johnson did in 2009, but look for former rookie running backs Knowshon Moreno and Shonn Greene to have monster second seasons in 2010.

An anonymous texter rants: "Why do you keep wasting space on the Caps? Here's a complete list of people in Baltimore who care about hockey: Matt Vensel. End of list." I knew some hockey haters would complain about last week's column on the Caps. And I realize some Charm City athletic supporters could care less about hockey (around here, lacrosse is the fourth main sport). Other Baltimoreans refuse to support D.C. teams, no matter what. And that's OK. Still, I know I'm not the only puck lover in town, and I got a few positive e-mails and texts to prove it. Including this one ...

Dan Frank writes via e-mail: "I'm glad to see I'm not the only hockey fan in this town! These people are missing out on the best new Pittsburgh rivalry. What a game [Sunday]!" This guy once threatened me with bodily harm for hating on the Ravens -- no joke -- but he's harmless. I think. I'm not sure how that relates to the topic at hand, but Danno makes a great point: Even if you're not a hockey fan, you can always root against Pittsburgh. If you bleed B-more, how can you not get on board with that?

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