This would be a lot of snow, even in Buffalo

February 11, 2010

Please allow this Snow-Belt-raised gal to respond to the article "Winter-tested cities amused by our plight" (Feb. 11): I have seen, and shoveled, lots and lots and lots of snow in my life. But I have never seen anything like this. With all due respect to my brethren still dwelling in northern climes, they're full of, um, stuffing.

Buffalo, Syracuse, Erie, Chicago, the Twin Cities -- sure, they get a lot of snow. But comparisons between full-season totals and one-two-storm totals are the proverbial apples and oranges. Sixty-two inches over the course of an entire winter is not the same as 62 inches over five days. Even they, with their stronger snowplows, would have a problem with this (just ask Pittsburgh -- their snowplows are also heaving and breaking under the weight).

And Flagstaff?? Please. Population 60,000. Their downtown looks like a movie set on a backlot in Hollywood. I dare them to deal with a densely populated urban area, narrow city streets, hairpin turns, cars parked on every corner, small snowplows and ice-hardened snow that doesn't melt in bright sunshine at 12,000 feet. Again, apples and oranges.

I would love to dispel these "we know everything about snow" stories once and for all, but I know it's a losing cause. I was thrilled to get out of the snowy north and come to lovely Charm City, and I applaud the city workers, BGE crews, snowplow drivers, bus drivers, EMTs, police, firefighters, everyone who's been working so hard and with so little thanks during this extraordinary, anything-but-trivial time.

Lisa Simeone, Baltimore

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