Enough snow trash talk from St. Paul

February 11, 2010

When you are interviewing people from St. Paul who want to talk smack about how we can't handle a little snow ("Winter tested cities amused by our plight," Feb. 11), please remind them (and your readers) that the historic and record-breaking Halloween Blizzard of 1991 knocked that city flat on its butt for several days, with only a measly 28 inches on dry and relatively warm pavement. I was there for college. It was a hoot. They were very lucky it hit on a Thursday so they could be spared the humiliation of a multi-day shutdown.

Minnesota is NOT VERY SNOWY! Winters are long and fairly dry with frequent small accumulations. Baltimore's winter would (already) be one of the Twin Cities' seven snowiest. The past week here contained the equivalent of St. Paul's top two biggest snowstorms in its entire history. Heck, even Washington's balmy lowland microclimate now has more snow than the average St. Paul winter (52.5 inches, for the record).

St. Paul, you've been served.

And I'm not even gonna talk to Chicago, which only averages 38.5 inches per year.

Don't let those softies get away with this. Tell 'em to shut up, get on a plane, come down here and help dig out.

Syracuse and Juneau, on the other hand, can talk all they want. I'll grant them that.

But they should know better.

Your comrade in shovels,

Andrew McLeod, Takoma Park

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