Ode to a Baltimore snow

February 11, 2010

The weatherman says, "we're in for some snow!" Don't know how much yet, still a few days to go.

The "event" edges closer, everyone starts to perspire As predicted accumulation goes higher and higher.

The first snowflake falls. Traffic comes to a halt. Home Depot's been raided of shovels and salt.

But snuggled at home, anticipating the storm, We've got milk in the fridge, firewood to keep warm.

I wake the next morning, and blink my eyes hard At the blanket of snow on our house, cars and yard.

Our property's been covered by Marshmallow Fluff! Who knew we would get so much of this stuff?

Reality sets in this will be a long day, Trying to shovel while the kids want to play.

My husband starts plowing; but the tractor gets stuck. A few minutes later, so does the dump truck.

The snow that was peaceful a few hours ago Has given way to frustration. This is starting to BLOW!

My beautiful mantel is being used as a dryer So nasty wet boots can be warmed by the fire.

Annoyances everywhere, as my Labrador gnaws At the free-riding snowballs still stuck to her paws.

Kids are driving me crazy when I hear myself shout, "Just leave me alone! Mommy needs a TIME-OUT!"

Then my little boy smiles, his innocent face. I look in the bathroom -- he's toilet papered the place!

It's finally bedtime. Kids exhausted from play. And a few quiet moments will close out my day.

I turn on the radio and draw a warm bath, Then the weather report, "another foot and a half!"

I cringe at the thought; but then, through my disdain I look on the bright side, at least it's not rain!

Jamie Condon

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