Got it? Well, that depends on a number of factors

February 11, 2010|By Jacques Kelly

The question was a simple one: "Got milk?"

The answer depended first upon whether a grocery was open in the storm, and then it depended on the store.

"No cow's milk. I've got soy and rice milk though," said Edna Mack of the Eddie's Market in the Mount Vernon neighborhood on West Eager Street. "I've got bread, toilet paper, meat, anything but cow's milk."

The store was one of those open during the midday hours of Wednesday's storm.

"Milk? We ran out yesterday when we first brought it in," said Rayna Williamson, an employee of a CVS pharmacy and store at Charles and 25th streets.

Dave Harvey, customer service manager of the Waverly Giant on East 33rd Street, said his store had milk, but the chicken was flying out the door, along with canned goods and eggs.

"Foot traffic is all we have," Harvey said. "People are buying anything."

Complicating the milk-supply issue were store hours.

"We had plenty of milk, but we closed at 1 p.m. to let our employees get home." said Bernadette Lauer Snoops, an owner of Lauer's Supermarket in Pasadena.

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