Enough with the Bush bashing

February 11, 2010

I'm getting tired of hearing President Obama and the Democrats blaming former President Bush for the state of affairs these days. I'm not stating he didn't have a hand in it. However, would I be wrong in stating the Democrats had a majority in the Senate and House two years before President Obama and a majority in the first term of President Obama? Why are the Democrats blaming Bush when they have had a majority for the past three years? Nancy Pelosi has been the Speaker of the House since January 4, 2007. Steny Hoyer has been the House Majority Leader since January 3, 2007. The Democrats have been in power for three years, and they blame Bush? This current administration reminds me of the Carter years. A Democratic president, Senate, and House and nothing was done right then and nothing is done right now. With the economy in a state of poor health, the Democrats want nothing more than health care reform. Jobs are second fiddle to health care. It took grassroots efforts by Independents to change this.

What makes me mad is that the majority of the news reporting business supports the current administration's Bush bashing. CNN and others reported the town hall meetings last summer as a Republican plot to foil health care. Only Fox reports about the tea party movement. Most news outlets gather information that they want the public to hear. It is news just short of Joseph Goebbels. Before the elections over a year ago, the news made sure that the deaths of your servicemen were reported daily as if it was front page news. Sadly today they report it as page-five news. It appears that most news organizations didn't mind criticizing the Bush administration and Republicans during that time. But they are not doing it during this current administration.

W. Lee Embrey, Glen Burnie

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