Special interests kill direct shipment of wine -- again

February 10, 2010

Why am I not surprised? Once again, Maryland politicians put their own pockets and special interests in front of the consumers (" Wine-shipment ban might stay in place," Feb. 8).

Too bad our elected folks hide behind lame excuses like the fear of additional underage drinking. How naive. Like ordering wine on-line is the first thing a theenager is heading out to this week's party. I can hear them now. "Why Mary, are they having veal at John's house when his parents leave town? I was thinking of a nice Pinot Noir from Oregon."

Apparently 37 other states have figured out a way to manage wine being shipped to consumers' homes without their states melting down. But not in Maryland. We certainly can't disrupt a system designed in the 1930s with total disregard to what is best for the voters (I mean consumers). We could, of course, but we won't. Let's not upset those guys with their big checkbooks. After all, it's a Maryland tradition.

I was a little surprised by one part of the article. Only about 80 percent of state legislators have received campaign contributions from the liquor lobby? I would have guessed 99 percent.

Well Joan, you keep taking those checks and don't worry about us. It's been this way for decades, and we'll just go along paying some of the highest taxes in the land for this kind of "representation." Maryland, my Maryland!


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