City needs to revise its snow removal plan

February 10, 2010

I live in Baltimore County, and the snow removal has been pretty good, but when I took my mother back to her house Tuesday, the snow removal at the city line was ridiculous.

On Belair Road at Northern Parkway the road went from two lanes in the county to one lane in the city. My mother's block, the 4500 block of Parkwood Avenue, had yet to be plowed, and the people actually shoveled the street,, as in many neighborhoods, which allowed me to get to her house and out again. The area she lives in is a valley so any way out is up a hill. I have four-wheel drive and found it difficult to get back to Belair Road.

My suggestion is when the city begins plowing the secondary roads after the new storm, they should start with the roads they did not get to from the first one, as these people now have 4 feet of snow in their streets, Doing this shows the people of the city that they are not forgotten and the same neighborhoods are not shown any preference. It is only fair!

Gary Burgan

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