Losing patience with snow removal in Waverly

February 10, 2010

I live in Waverly on a side street that is certainly wide enough for a plow truck to come though. However, we have yet to be plowed since the blizzard, and everyone's cars are still stuck. I called 311 days ago and received a confirmation number; I have just put in a new request at 311 online and got a new confirmation number. My neighbors and I would get out and shovel the entire street, but there is just too much; furthermore, don't I pay property taxes for this kind of thing? I understand that it has been a terrible storm, and I have been told repeatedly by newscasters to "be patient," but this is getting ridiculous. We desperately need just one good plow before the next storm comes in. Someone ought to be investigating why some neighborhoods seem to get much more attention than others.

Katherine Bullock, Baltimore

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