Who OK'd a Census ad during the Super Bowl?

February 10, 2010

Sunday night while watching the Super Bowl did you see the commercial for the Census? Did you notice the tag at the end, "Paid for by the U.S. Census Bureau?" The ad was paid for by all working people in the counrty, not some federal agency! Where does the department think they get their budget from? It comes from the tax payers.

How dare they spend $3 million for an ad doing the Super Bowl? With a federal budget over $1 trillion in the red, some idiot spent $3 million on air time, plus the cost of making the ad. This is a total waste of our money. It is bad enough they are advertising on TV a few times a day, but to spent $3 million on one ad is a crime! Whoever decided this needs to fired! I am willing to bet people from the Census Bureau were sitting at party giving high-fives about the ad. I just hope their party was not paid for by the taxpayers also.

Please dont tell me how important the Census is to our way of life or that they just want to stress the importance of the Census. I know that, and most people know that. The people that don't know it and don't believe it who saw the ad are not going to suddenly say, "Gee, they are right, I better fill out the Census form when it comes to my home." Please don't say it is only a tiny amount of money compared to the federal budget. That is the problem with. What's the joke?. A billion here, and billion there, and soon we're talking about a lot of money.

Donald Radke, Baltimore

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