Wind power is hot air

February 09, 2010

Timothy Wheeler's Sun exclusive in Tuesday's edition ("Study boosts offshore windmills," Feb. 9) was certainly informative and frightening.

What is wrong with this state and this country? We look with the joy of the fanatic on those alleged solutions to our energy problems that will produce minimal results and will despoil this great nation from the oceans to the prairies to the mountains with windmills. Why? The clueless legislators in Maryland would do better to harness the hot air they expend when the General Assembly is in session than to plant thousands of windmills over an 800 square mile stretch of ocean.

What, pray tell, is wrong with using a few acres of ground for a new nuclear plant or two? We could easily eliminate the nonsensical cluttering of vast areas of the nation by simply accepting a proven technology that does not leave a carbon footprint (if you really believe that's important), generates vast amounts of energy inexpensively and does not plague the landscape with thousands of noisy and unsightly spinning faux trees.

W.C.Harsanyi, Pasadena

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