Jim Kehoe was more than a track coach

February 09, 2010

Jim Kehoe, the University of Maryland track coach and athletic director for almost 40 years, passed away on Jan. 17. Jim entered the University of Maryland in the 1940s. He soon became one of the best half-milers in the country. He became the track coach at Maryland, and his teams won 48 Southern Conference and Atlantic Coast Conference championships in indoor and outdoor track and field. His teams won 2 national titles, and he produced some of the finest track and field athletes in the country. Jim was elected into the track and field hall of fame in 1998.

Jim was much more than our coach, he was our mentor. He always displayed the highest level of honesty, integrity and morality. He taught us that in competition, you cannot always win but losing should never affect your future endeavors and that handling it in the proper manner can make you a better person. Jim's interest in his athletes went far beyond track and field. He wanted us to get a great college education and did everything he could to help us attain that goal. He was very caring about his athletes in all aspects. He maintained his relationship with many of us after we graduated. He also maintained a relationship with our families. We all have used the values that he instilled in us in our future careers.

Jim had been married to his wonderful wife Barbara for almost 70 years. She is a beautiful person both inside and out, and we send her our deepest sympathy and regrets in the passing of her husband. In a personal note, and I know that I speak for thousands of Maryland track athletes, thank you Jim for the honor of being on the Maryland track team and thank you for sitting the bar so high for us so that we could become better people. Lastly, thank you for helping us to get such a great college education.

Dr. Stephen Hameroff

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