Parents, students left out of magnet school decision

February 09, 2010

I am a student in the Literary Arts prime at Carver Center for Arts and Technology. I wanted to thank you for your article "Baltimore County to leave magnet school teachers in place" (Feb. 9). My fellow students and I were very concerned when we were informed of the proposed magnet position cuts stated in the district's budget proposal.

While I'm relieved to read that the administration has put its plans on hold, I am still concerned about the lack of transparency about this matter. Teachers, students, and parents were completely caught off guard; no one was informed of any plans for significant restructuring of magnet schools, especially efforts to remove magnet teachers from the classrooms and into administrative and supervisory positions at Greenwood. As the Board of Education and Superintendent Joe Hairston consider restructuring of the magnet program, I hope that they will include in the process students and parents, whose imput Mr. Hairston specifically encourages in his "Blueprint for Progress."

Cecelia Scheeler, Towson

The writer is a junior at G.W. Carver Center for Arts and Technology.

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