Families can't afford to let health care reform fail

February 09, 2010

With all the talk from members of Congress about the federal budget deficit, I would think they would be just as concerned about the budget deficits of middle class families across the country.

It's a fact that the rising cost of health care has directly contributed to the crushing financial debt of millions of American families. A problem that has led to bankrupty for many of these families. No one in a nation as wealthy and powerful as ours should be punished for getting sick.

Now a new federal study has revealed that health care spending rose to an estimated $2.5 trillion in 2009. This breaks down to $8,047 per person. These costs are only going to rise. How can small business owners provide health care benefits to their employees with these types of numbers? Numbers that go up, year after year? These small businesses are essential to our economy. How can they hire more workers when they can't provide the benefit many of us enjoy as working Americans?

With the recent events in politics, you are beginning to hear calls in Washington for delaying reform or giving up on it entirely. This is not a problem we can kick down the road for another decade or even another year. It's time for the elected officials in Washington to set aside their differences and get this thing done. Both liberals and conservatives alike.

I stand with President Obama in calling on Congress to finish the job.

Michael Milchovich, Annapolis

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