Don't put chairs in your parking space

February 09, 2010

I am indeed warmed to see good neighbors shovel each other out of a snowy bind; it's such a great example of the good side of our city. But likewise I am infuriated to see non-neighborly citizens blocking empty parking spaces with chairs and other detritus. The practice is illegal for obvious reasons. It increases snowbound traffic as citizens circle trying to find parking, and it gets in the way of city officials trying to clear the streets. I am especially dismayed to see spots "saved" on snow emergency routes -- spaces that are supposed to remain clear for the snow plows.

Parking is always a commodity even with no snow. People who treat the public streets as their personal driveway don't comprehend city life and don't belong here. If we can be neighborly enough to shovel each other out, we can be neighborly enough to amicably share the space that we have. We need better enforcement of snow emergency laws and far more respect for them.

Rebecca Pickard, Baltimore

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