Electrical failure causes sewage overflow in Severn Run

Waterway closed until further notice due to Sunday's 10,000-gallon overrun

February 08, 2010|By Nicole Fuller | nicole.fuller@baltsun.com | Baltimore Sun reporter

An electrical failure at an Anne Arundel County wastewater pumping station has caused an overflow of 10,000 gallons of sewage, county officials said Monday.

The electricity at the Severn Run Sewage Pumping Station in the 1500 block of Old Mill Road failed on noon Sunday, likely due to the storm, causing a back-up and ultimate overflow, said Matt Diehl, a spokesman for the county Department of Public Works.

DPW crews contained the overflow by 2 p.m. and the pumping station is currently operating normally, Diehl said.

The county Department of Health has closed the Severn Run and warned against direct contact with the waterway, which will be reopened when water quality conditions are determined to be acceptable. People coming in contact with the water are advised to wash with soap and water immediately.

"Because of the weather, we don't anticipate a lot of people swimming or wading in that area," said Elin Jones, a spokeswoman for the health department.

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