Irony in Dixon's farewell

February 08, 2010

There's irony in Sheila Dixon's parting pronouncement that "the city would continue to be 'strong' because of work on the grass-roots level and not because of 'leaders in the city'..." ("Despite scolding, Dixon remains unapologetic and silent to the end," Feb. 5). One of Ms. Dixon's final acts as mayor of Baltimore was to use her power on the Board of Estimates to guarantee approval of an agreement with a private school to occupy an acre of lower Wyman Park for the school's private campus, over the objections of Remington residents who are stepping up to bring back the recreation center that was once the lifeblood of this community. Thumbing its nose at our grass-roots effort, city leaders have effectively promised this recreational facility, with its new taxpayer-funded gym floor, parking lot and partly wooded border, to a private school for the next decade. City Solicitor George Nilson, who has served on the school's governing board, insists it's all legal. That'll make for one interesting affidavit.

Douglas Armstrong, Baltimore

The writer is co-director of Remington Public Recreation Inc.

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