Our children's inheritance of debt

February 08, 2010

Ever since the Reagan administration amassed more public debt than all its precessors in history combined, the federal government has continued to run ungodly massive deficits, sometimes cutting taxes to do so. Our history includes such expensive catastrophes as the Civil War, the Great Depression and World War II, but our generation needed more money than all of them put together.

We don't want our taxes raised, but we don't want our favorite government programs cut, either. Caught in this dilemma, what we needed was a group of people who could not squeal if their taxes were raised. We found it in our children -- the perfect solution. They can't vote, and there's one born every minute. Pass them the debt!

Every other generation in history worked hard and sacrificed to leave their children a stronger America. Every other generation paid for the wars they asked their children to fight, but not us. Now, believe it or not, suddenly, it appears as if we ourselves will have to pay some of this debt back. Seriously, ask yourselves, folks, does that seem fair?

Wake up, children! Don't trust anyone over 30.

We shouldn't be too hard on ourselves, but let's face it, future historians will never confuse us with the greatest generation.

William Jenkins, Bel Air

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