Ignorance of Constitution fosters a state of perpetual war

February 08, 2010

I concur with Christopher Dreisbach's concern over the general ignorance about the U.S. Constitution ("Constitutionally Illiterate," Feb. 5). Since World War II, the American presidency has gained monarchal powers as the head of a national security state that has grown increasingly secretive and immune from the Constitutional checks on power that are the guarantors of republican government.

Either a lack of knowledge about Congressional perogatives or a willingness of Congress to cede powers to the president is at the heart of this dangerous missappropriation and concentration of executive power. This is not a partisan crisis. The present permanent state of war that is the hallmark of an omnipotent national secruity state threatens all citizens concerned with balanced constitutional governance, regardless of political affiliation.

John G Bailey, Edgemere

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