19th annual Chocolate Affair

February 07, 2010|By Sloane Brown | Special to The Baltimore Sun

When an annual fundraising event is closing in on its 20th year, you might think it had grown a bit long in the tooth. But not when the tooth involved is the sweet tooth. Health Care for the Homeless' 19th Annual Chocolate Affair stretched from one end of M&T Bank Stadium's South Club Level Lounge to the other. Event chairs Caryn Sagal and Sharon Bunch announced a new attendance record of 1,600.

"Every year, this gets bigger and bigger," said Maria Tildon, CareFirst senior vice president.

The big draws, of course, were the dozens of restaurants, caterers and food vendors - most of them offering something made with chocolate. Selections ranged from homemade truffles to hazelnut-crusted chocolate goat cheese salad.

"Did you try that chocolate ice cream? It has chunks of brownie in it," said Sharon Cole, Baltimore assistant public defender, as she and her husband, Ron Cole, Scherr, Cole & Murphy partner, tasted a sample from the Taharka Bros. ice cream wagon.

Food was only part of the evening's attractions. A steel drum band played at one end of the hall, and a rock band was stationed at the other. Some guests clustered around a magician. A few steps away, a group of kids surrounded a balloon artist. Meanwhile, models, wearing evening gowns from Victor Rossi, paraded through the crowd and posed for photos with honorary chairman Rick Dempsey.

Achieving a model's figure wasn't exactly high on the evening's agenda.

"It's a good thing I'm doing Wii Fit tomorrow," said Celeste Corsaro, Baltimore Eats Magazine owner.

Sloane Brown can be contacted at sloane@sloanebrown.com.

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