Troy Smith's agent insists he made December trade request

February 06, 2010|By Jamison Hensley |

The agent for Ravens backup quarterback Troy Smith is insisting that he made a trade request to the Ravens in late December.

On Wednesday, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said he never received a formal trade request from Ralph Cindrich, Smith's agent.

"I am better than 90 percent sure that Ozzie was called and a message left with him before the season ended regarding Troy Smith's request for a trade after the season," Cindrich told The Baltimore Sun in an e-mail Friday. "I can confirm that with records."

Cindrich said he didn't expect a response from Newsome because he is a "busy guy during the season." He also said he called Ravens chief negotiator Pat Moriarty and left a message. Moriarty called back in a couple of weeks, according to Cindrich.

"I related to him that Troy was going to seek a trade after the season and wanted to give a heads up," Cindrich said in the e-mail. "I said it could benefit both sides."

Newsome said Wednesday that he personally never received a formal trade request from Cindrich.

"I have not heard from his agent," Newsome said. "And I know who his agent is, personally, so I have not heard that."

A Ravens spokesman said the team wouldn't comment beyond what Newsome said at the news conference.

Cindrich said he told Moriarty that he would try to reach Newsome. But according to Cindrich, Moriarty told the agent that he would bring it up to Newsome and it would be discussed after the season.

"In my opinion the information had to get out before the season was over because coaches and GMs were being interviewed and decisions were being made," Cindrich said in the e-mail. "One team of interest to Troy was making or made those decisions."

Cindrich originally responded to Newsome via Twitter on Thursday.

This is what was said on Cindrich's Twitter account: "Baltimore Ravens: Ozzie Newsome's office called on Troy Smith trade at the time, message left, with call and conference with Pat Moriarty."

Another post later on Cindrich's Twitter page read: "Agent formal trade request not in rules-not seen in 40 yrs in # NFL. And what is Pat Moriaty-chopped liver? What, he doesn't pass on talks?"

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