'All about the money' for snow-removal entrepreneurs

February 05, 2010|By Brent Jones

Kenneth McCullough got the itch to buy a snowplow months ago, acting on a hunch that this winter would be a nasty one. Money, McCullough anticipated, would be there to be made.

Turns out McCullough's gut was right. He is prepping for this weekend's snow as if he is a participant in Sunday's Super Bowl.

"I'm going to get a good eight hours' sleep, then get up at 5 a.m. [Saturday] and get started," said McCullough, 39, who lives in Reisterstown and plans to canvass Baltimore County for jobs. "I like the snow and generally get excited when it comes. But right now, though, it's all about the money situation."

McCullough was one of several entrepreneurs who had posted online ads by midafternoon Thursday looking to plow driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and whatever else needs snow removal.

Posters were carving out their territories. Jason Freud, in his third year of removing snow on the side, is narrowing in on Harford County and Eastern Baltimore County.

Freud, 25, a full-time firefighter, said work kept him from making side money during the December snow, but he is off this weekend.

"The four-wheeler," Freud said, "is fired up and ready to go."

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