In Senator debate, consider the needs of the business

February 04, 2010

We just love reading about the beloved Senator Theatre and the "locals" that want the best for their community. Some don't want Towson University invading, some don't want others that will tear down an interior historic wall. How many of the community "activists" in good old Govans have ever run a business?

If they want an example of what "good" some active community organizations do, tell them to venture to 5721-5723 York Rd. (the address for the nearby Senator is 5904) and look at two boarded-up businesses covered with graffiti. That is how the community organizations welcomed a new business in 2008! I can't imagine the amount of plywood the Senator will require! Keep up the good work..

Linda and Ed Fields, Baltimore

The writers are the former owners of Fields Old Trail on York Road.

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