Marijuana is a gateway drug

February 04, 2010

I do not understand why The Sun is not featuring any of the experts (many available right here in Baltimore) who have worked in the field of addictions and have valuable experience and information about the negative consequences of legalizing marijuana, which is a well-known "gateway" drug and ripe for black market enterprise despite suggested constraints ("Md. fights through haze over medical marijuana," Jan. 31).

There are many serious drawbacks to legalization. I feel the following questions are valid and need to be explored before the legislature approves such a bill. Aren't drugs supposed to be sent to the FDA for testing and approval? Why would marijuana be exempt from this process? You do mention that quite a few doctors disagree whether marijuana is even helpful for their patients. What experts in the medical field have come up with conditions and illnesses for which marijuana is a truly valid drug treatment? Who is the lobby for this movement, as Dr. Kevin Cullen asks in your article on Jan. 31?

I suggest a full investigative report on the issues I have mentioned above would enlighten us all. It would help to balance the field in this critical decision-making process.

Ingrid Castronovo

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