Time for Dixon to take stock

February 04, 2010

Your editorial on former Mayor Sheila Dixon's resignation ("Dixon's parting words," Feb. 4) is eloquent. It is indeed a tragedy when a public figure's sense of entitlement overcomes her sense of right and wrong.

I'm sorry for her in that she apparently can not be honest with herself. That has been evident in her words, as your editorial points out. Two of her statements will forever stand out in my mind. The first was when she announced that she was going to accept a pending raise because she "deserved it" for all the things she does for the city. Obviously wiser heads prevailed on her and she donated the amount of the raise to charity. The second was at the end of her remarks after her trial when she said she was going to continue to have her actions be guided by her God as they always were. I was confused about how that corresponded to her acts of adultery, theft and perjury.

I hope that she develops some powers of introspection and the ability to take stock of her weaknesses as well as her strengths.

Sandy McLelland, Baltimore

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