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Jimmy Tangires, Glenelg Country, Basketball

Three-sport Player Says Athletics Have 'Shaped My Whole Life'

February 04, 2010|By Glenn Graham | Glenn Graham,

When it comes to sports, Glenelg Country senior guard Jimmy Tangires is old school. A three-sport athlete - he also plays soccer in the fall and lacrosse in the spring - Tangires will tell you his favorite sport is the one he is playing at the time. Right now, that's basketball. The team captain is steady two-way play to help lead the Dragons (15-4) to a 9-2 mark in the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association B Conference's Black Division. Tangires has collected his share of varsity letters at Glenelg Country, earning four in soccer, three in basketball and three in lacrosse with one season left. When Tangires was a freshman on the junior varsity basketball team, the Dragons won the conference championship. He remembers how much fun the celebration was and wants to close out his basketball career doing the same thing this year. Tangires has a 3.7 grade-point average and is undecided on a college, but Wake Forest has caught his eye. He plans to major in business. In addition to sports, he's also on the leadership board of a business club at Glenelg Country. After dinner and homework, Tangires can often be found playing Xbox 360 with friends.

Question: : How important is sports to you?

Answer: : It's really important to me. It's pretty much shaped my whole life and helped me become a good leader. Sports takes up pretty much all my time, so you can say it's pretty much everything to me.

Q: : What are the qualities of a good leader?

A: : I'd say leading by example, just setting a good example by playing hard all the time and being positive with teammates. You can never get down because the others will get down, too.

Q: : What's it going to take to win a championship this season?

A: : It's going to take a team effort. It's going to take everyone knowing their role and us coming together as a group and getting it done together.

Q: : What have you done with the business club?

A: : We started running a snack bar every Friday at school because everyone raised all their prices in our snack machine. So we try to sell stuff at a reasonable cost but still make a reasonable profit. Right now, we're running a Haiti charity fundraiser to help their relief fund.

Q: : What is it like being a senior?

A: : It's a lot more responsibility. Everything I do is noticed. You definitely have to set a good example for everybody else. And in our school, it goes all the way down to Pre-K. We have all-school assemblies; everyone is looking at you, and everything you do is seen by people I've known for my whole life.

Q: : How big is your graduating class?

A: : I think it's 67.

Q: : What is the advantage of going to a smaller school?

A: : It's a nice, tight community, and you get to know everyone. Coach [Charlie] Stewart taught me in eighth grade, and now he's coaching me. You know everyone. I've known all my teachers for 10 years now. It definitely makes things more comfortable.

Q: : What is your favorite class?

A: : The personal finance class I took last semester. It was a business course that gave me good insight to the business world. I gained a newfound respect for the amount of work that goes into the business world. I thought it may be easy going into it because I've always been good with numbers and math, but it's no joke.

Q: : What's the best advice you've ever received?

A: : At our school, it's work hard, play hard. You always want to go out and give your best effort. We used to have that motto on the back of the PE shirts we wore.

Q: : What has been your best sports memory at Glenelg Country?

A: : The best may have been the worst as well. It was the lacrosse playoffs last year, semifinal game at John Carroll. We made an incredible comeback. We were down five goals, three goals with three minutes left. We ended up tying the game to send it into overtime and ended up losing in triple overtime. That day, I probably was most proud of the effort I had ever given and my team had ever given.

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