Under Armour apparel executive Karkus resigns

February 04, 2010

Sports apparel company Under Armour said in a regulatory filing Wednesday that Suzanne J. Karkus, the company's senior vice president of apparel, is resigning to pursue other interests and be closer to her family in New York. Her resignation is effective Feb. 16. Karkus - who has also served as president of Izod Womenswear and president of the Women's Division of Calvin Klein - was brought to Under Armour to help revamp its women's line. Under Armour will pay Karkus six months' salary and $120,000 in transition and other expenses. Karkus had a total compensation package of $1.1 million in 2008, including a $400,000 salary and a $178,000 bonus. Matthew C. Mirchin, the company's senior vice president of sales for North America, will take over Karkus' duties in the interim. Karkus is the second executive to resign in recent months. Raphael Peck, Under Armour's senior vice president of footwear, resigned in June after sales of the company's running shoe didn't do as well as it would have liked.

- Andrea K. Walker

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