Md. wouldn't let Frank Lloyd Wright teach architecture

February 03, 2010

As always, Robert Embry has a full grasp of the barriers that prevent those with expertise to teach in our classrooms ("Maryland must remove barriers to attracting quality teachers," Feb. 1). Pay is certainly a reason, but more importantly the requirement of certain courses in order to be certified.

Fifty years ago when I came to Maryland to teach, my salary was frozen because I lacked a "methods" course, even though my transcript showed a course of "principles and practices" of my discipline. This is a major barrier in the certification process. Once a retired Naval officer who taught electronics to technicians in the Navy had his salary frozen due to the lack of "methods" courses.

It would appear that Martin Luther King would not be certified to teach theology (if it were allowed) nor would Frank Lloyd Wright be certified to teach an architectural drawing course.

Julius G. Angelucci, Severna Park

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