Patients need to stand up for medical marijuana

February 03, 2010

In response to the article "Md. fights through haze over medical marijuana" (Jan. 31), I say good luck, Maryland. It took New Jersey five years to pass its medical marijuana bill into law. In the end, it was the patients and their testimony that finally swayed legislators in New Jersey to support medical marijuana. That's what it will take in Maryland, too. Patients stood up and spoke out about how marijuana helps them with their afflictions. These were individual acts of courage and selflessness. These patients waived their confidentiality rights and spoke out about the most intimate details of their suffering and how marijuana helps them. They did so at great legal risk to themselves, as any use of marijuana in New Jersey is punished severely.

I realized somewhere along the way that it was inevitable that medical marijuana would eventually be allowed in New Jersey, and eventually allowed throughout the United States. There's too much logic, common sense, compassion and science that supports it.

Ken Wolski, Trenton, N.J.

The writer is executive director of the Coalition for Medical Marijunana-New Jersey Inc.

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