Paranoia in Belvedere Square

February 02, 2010

I am writing this in response to Diane Kelly's letter regarding radio station WTMD potentially occupying the Senator Theatre (Readers respond, Feb. 2). Ms. Kelly, your comments regarding the proposal smack of unwarranted paranoia.

Yes, it is true that Towson University has no control over students when they are off campus. They are, after all, young adults and are responsible for their behavior, whether it be on or off campus. However, you seemingly have a jaundiced perception of these students as drunken, despicable louts who urinate on the neighbors' lawns at odd hours of the night.

Ms. Kelly, it's about taking a leap of faith that this will be a wonderful fit for a neighborhood that could use an infusion or continuation, if you will, of music and art.

I certainly hope you were not a part of the couple who sat at my right and condescendingly snickered throughout the Towson University proposal at the recent forum held at the Senator.

Lastly, you signed off on your letter as being a resident of Towson. With all due respect, Ms. Kelly, what gives you the right to be the mouthpiece for the Belvedere Square community?

Patrick R. Lynch, Baltimore

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