WTMD plan for Senator would attract 'creative class'

February 02, 2010

The proposal to allow WTMD to utilize the vacant Senator theater is a wise one ("WTMD bid to take over Senator draws concerns," Jan. 29). A post-industrial city such as Baltimore needs to attract and keep (as Richard Florida defines it) it's "creative class" -- exactly the type of listener WTMD attracts.

While the station may be located on the Towson campus, WTMD's reach extends beyond college students, and it is one of the few unique cultural arts institutions left in Baltimore. Anyone who has been to a WTMD event in Mt. Vernon, myself included, will say that it is a mix of generations -- young adults, families with children, empty nesters -- coming together respectfully to share in a musical experience. To stereotype WTMD listeners on the past behavior of college students living in non-campus housing would be incorrect, and to use it as a reason to block WTMD's utilization of the Senator is short-sighted.

Marla Shaivitz, Baltimore

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