Yes, middle class, Obama knows what he's doing

February 02, 2010

When we really look at what President Obama is saying and doing, it becomes apparent that he is truly a rare gift. He wants us to be safe, well educated, healthy and prosperous. He will continue to promote progress in these areas. He will not give up nor hold up progress because it is not perfection. He is brilliant, honest, courageous and peaceful.

We need to support our legislators in voting for plans to restore our economy, which necessitates finally committing to a healthy health care system, good education, creation of new jobs to support a modern and environmentally sound infrastructure and regulations to harness unbridled greed and harm to the goals and dreams of the middle class. I wish all our elected officials had the same courage and commitment to the well being of the middle class. It is our job to help them find it.

Brenda Wilson, Edgewater

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