Rodricks demands forced servitude

February 01, 2010

Dan Rodricks has once again visited the topic of national public service for young Americans, and once again he proposes to sacrifice their freedom.

The headline of his column reads, "Young Americans will serve -- if we ask" (Jan. 31). But in the text, Mr. Rodricks reveals his proposal for two years of national public service: "For every American once he or she reaches the age of 18, with deferment optional until the age of 21, when service becomes mandatory."

Is Mr. Rodricks incapable of distinguishing "ask" from "mandatory"? What will be the penalty if some young man or woman declines to participate? A fine? Jail time?

Mr. Rodricks should leave his job at The Sun and go to work in Haiti, Afghanistan or anywhere else he believes our sons and daughters should be forced to serve. We can look forward to his next column in two years.

David Page, Towson

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