Medical marijuana could save lives

February 01, 2010

My Brother died this past November, after a three-month illness in which he was neither diagnosed or treated for any specific disease.

He spent one week in a local hospital, four weeks at Johns Hopkins and didn't eat a square meal for three months. A team of the best doctors available came up empty handed regarding a diagnosis or treatment, so brother Dorsey eventually dwindled away and died.

It is a known fact that medical marijuana enhances the appetite and mood, but not one doctor was able to prescribe medical marijuana, which alone might have saved Dorsey's life. Without food and proper nutrition combined with a lack of any diagnosis for a viable treatment, my brother is no longer with us.

Let this be a wake-up call for everyone, including the medical field, that not every illness can be treated with a pill or a surgery.

This is the 21st century. Fourteen States have legalized medical marijuana. New Jersey just legalized it, the state can tax it, and the agricultural industry will benefit from it.

Now is the time to pressure our lawmakers to pass the bill being introduced by Dr./Del. Dan Morhaim to license marijuana dispensaries and authorize the state departments of agriculture and health to monitor the drug's production and distribution.

I truly believe Dorsey would be alive today if a doctor had been able to prescribed him medical marijuana. Please contact your legislators and tell them to support this bill.

Samuel Owings, Baltimore

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