The 'snuck in' provisions kill health reform bill

February 01, 2010

Your Saturday coverage of the meeting between President Obama and the House Republicans was well done with what I deem to be one exception ("Obama talks jobs and political jabs," Jan. 30). When you pulled out specific quotes and highlighted them, you omitted one of the most significant pertinent to health care. A review of President Obama's comments indicates a basic principle and pledge: We will be able to keep the health insurance we now have and doctor- patient relationships will continue without government interference. But he follows that with this quote, "...some of the provisions that got snuck in might have violated that pledge."

This declaration, or admission if you like, by the president goes right to the heart of the health care debate. Critics of the plan have long cited this concern, and their concerns have routinely been dismissed as nonsense and hysteria. I recognize that you could not use all quotes in your coverage, but in my view, this was one that should have been included. One last thought: With a little transparency, such provisions would less likely be "snuck in"!

Paul Butler, Street

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