Michael Vick should not be rewarded for cruel behavior

December 31, 2009

So we have an award for courage and overcoming adversity and we give it to who? Michael Vick? The person who for a long period of time tortured and killed innocent animals. The person who killed some with his own hands because they didn't perform as he wanted them to perform.

He had no regard for the pain and suffering he caused these animals. Fortunately he was caught, or he would still be killing and maiming dogs. He was fined and received a minimal prison sentence. The rescued dogs had to demonstrate courage and overcome adversity in order to survive and become normal dogs. Did it take courage for Mr. Vick to treat these dogs as he did? Did he overcome adversity because he had to spend time in prison?

Some say "Well, he made a mistake." What he did was not a "mistake." It was ongoing violent, cruel behavior that, in my opinion, demonstrates a very flawed character, a very sick mind and a person totally without any regard for life. A person who would do these things to animals would surely not hesitate to do them to a human being.

This sort of thing is what is so wrong with today's society. You can maim, kill, steal or commit any other crime and it's not only OK, we'll give you an award for it! Margaret Patterson, Baltimore

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