Baltimore's legal graffiti is beautiful

December 29, 2009

Yeah! Finally someone (Mary Carole McCauley) wrote about the wonderful graffiti in Baltimore ("Making their mark," Dec. 27) - especially being able to do it without breaking the law!

Going back and forth to New York on the train, one can see lots of great lettering along the tracks - I've often shown this to my grandchildren, mentioning that if only someone could get these people into an art school, they would probably "bloom" and do good works.

And, thanks to Sherwin Mark and Karly Fae Hansen for promoting a place where Baltimoreans and tourists can enjoy the works of these talented people. I, personally, love seeing paintings along sides of walls in downtown Baltimore! There is a lot of talent "out there" waiting to be discovered.

Promoting the "good" news in our local paper is the way to go!Helen Lacy, Baltimore

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