'00 To '09

For Many, A Decade To Forget. In Baltimore, Moments To Remember.

December 27, 2009|By Jill Rosen | Jill Rosen,jill.rosen@baltsun.com

What do we call this decade? The Ohs? If you say that out loud it sounds like a certain baseball team. The Aughts? What's an aught? In a practical but infinitely more gloomy choice, Time magazine settled on "The Decade from Hell."

And maybe it was. A new national poll found that most Americans have nothing nice to say about these last 10 years, whatever you call them.

We reached new depths of national tragedy on a September morning in 2001. After Hurricane Katrina, we learned that the kind of chaos that ensues after a natural disaster in a Third World country can happen here.

We lost our sense of security, to say nothing of our retirement savings accounts.

We filled our spare time watching neighbors compete on reality shows. We Googled. "Friend" became a verb.

In Maryland, we shared all of those things with the nation even as we experienced the decade in a way that was uniquely ours.

A train derailed, setting off a toxic fire in a tunnel beneath Howard Street in Baltimore. A packed water taxi capsized in the harbor. A deadly sniper had people crouching as they pumped gas.

On Broadway, a chorus sang "Good Morning Baltimore." On HBO, the city couldn't have looked bleaker. Redemption came in the shape of a football.

Whether they were the Ohs or the Aughts, whether we want to remember or quickly forget, let's take a look back at the years 2000-2009: The things we lost. What we gained. The tragedies we couldn't bear to watch and the moments that brought us together.

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