E-cards: not 'green' so much as 'cheap'

December 26, 2009

Mercifully, I receive few e-cards, and when one appears in my in box, I delete it - I don't even want to know the sender.

While many pride themselves on being "so green" ("More people are dreaming of a green Christmas," Dec. 23) I interpret it as being "so cheap." There nothing wrong with saving money at Christmas - the holiday has become little more than a shopping fest. But the reason I send Christmas cards (and photos along with them) is because this is the one time of year you can catch up with friends and acquaintances. We live in a culture that promotes isolation and electronic neighborhoods, so I say enough. Even though stamps cost 44 cents, it's still possible to mail a post card for about half the price.

Don't fall for the "green" philosophy behind e-cards - it's just an excuse for saving money and saving time.Roz Heid, Baltimore

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