Workers who cleared snow were heroes of Ravens game

December 26, 2009

The Ravens were not the only triumphant team at M&T Bank Stadium last weekend. As chairman of the Maryland Stadium Authority, I'd like to credit those unsung heroes who spent up to 72 hours straight preparing for battle against the toughest snowstorm this region has seen in years.

The Maryland Stadium Authority is committed to not only maintaining and managing our fine sports facilities but also to keeping them safe and accessible for the millions of visitors we have every year. We are vigilant in preparing for any challenge, so when the blizzard of '09 arrived just before our last home football game, we had our team in place.

The work force and equipment come from many sources: private contractors, our partners in Camden Yards operations (including the Ravens) and other state agencies. Efforts to keep the stadium accessible were coordinated with state and local officials who worked tirelessly.

It is a tribute to all involved that the main arteries connecting the stadium were maintained through the storm and the lots were ready for tailgating by Sunday morning.

About 1,750 workers, many of whom stayed Thursday through Sunday night (sleeping on the club level floor) made this remarkable feat possible.

All of us at the Stadium Authority are proud of our teams - the ones on the fields, and those who maintain our operations and offer the best fan experience possible, despite any challenge.John Morton III, Baltimore

The writer is chairman of the Maryland Stadium Authority.

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