Time has come for rational public discourse

December 25, 2009

I cheered Ruth Wooden and Andrew L. Yarrow's commentary, "Reclaim the 'town hall' for genuine public engagement" (Dec. 21). It aptly expressed a frustration that I have felt for quite some time and actually offered an alternative to today's devolved "town hall" that is designed to include those who have rational opinions and thoughtful questions about the issues under consideration by the government.

I think we the people are more divided than we have been in years, and I believe we owe much of that division to the loud voices of the "town hall" naysayers who have received an inordinate amount of publicity - especially, but not exclusively, on cable TV stations. As a result of this media concentration on the uninformed, misinformed and disinformed rudely shouting their opinions into microphones conveniently provided to capture their vitriol for the evening news, a "silent majority" of those with reasoned views and softer voices has been largely overlooked.

I can only hope the "Achieving the Dream Project" takes root in our communities and college campuses, giving voice to those have been ignored and fostering a reasoned response to the ranting that has filled our airwaves far too often for far too long.Lin Gall, Bel Air

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