Baseball's steroid saga AP Story of the Year


December 24, 2009

The dark shadow that performance-enhancing drugs continue to cast on baseball was picked as the sports Story of the Year by members of the Associated Press, even surpassing the Tiger Woods sex scandal.

Some of the biggest names in baseball - Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz - were linked to performance-enhancing drugs this year, which swayed editors to pick the steroid scandal over Woods' fall from grace.

The Woods scandal was fifth behind Jimmie Johnson's historic fourth straight NASCAR championship; Roger Federer winning his 15th Grand Slam and Brett Favre ending his (second) retirement to lead the Vikings to the NFC North title.

This year's balloting was unusual in that the Woods story happened after voting had started. Given the extraordinary nature of the story, the AP added it to the ballot and gave the 31 editors who had voted the chance to submit a new ballot, which about 10 did.

The rest of the top 10: the Steelers' sixth Super Bowl title; the Yankees' 27th World Series title; Usain Bolt's world records; Tom Watson's second-place finish at the British Open; and - in a quirky finish - Woods coming back from injury to reclaim his No. 1 status.

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