Keillor is correct about Christmas

December 24, 2009

Thank you for the excellent article by Garrison Keillor, "Nonbelievers, please leave Christmas alone" (Dec. 16).

Mr. Keillor is exactly right: "If you're not in the club, then buzz off." He should have added, "And don't post your petty, hate-filled comments against this article." There is nothing "bigoted" about his attitude. It is simply live-and-let-live.

There is an astonishing wealth of traditions, art and music surrounding Christmas. The message of Christmas applies to all, and it is mainly a message of peace. Its beautiful traditions are enjoyed by Christians and non-Christians alike.

However, it is not a requirement that Christians allow the traditions to be modified, mocked or eliminated in the interest of political correctness.

Feeling left out, some groups tried to compete with Christmas by elevating minor holidays like Hanukkah or the Winter Solstice. Nobody had a problem with that. However, when it was clear that these would never reach the same level as Christmas, a small but angry minority took the more aggressive approach: trying to enforce a "gag order" on Christmas or at least eliminating any trace of religious significance. The most obvious example is the widespread use of "Happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas," but there are many others.

And while Christmas is still occasionally mentioned on television or in movies (although usually in some vulgar or off-handed way) it appears to be virtually forbidden to recall the birth of Jesus as the reason for the holiday.Paul Ferkul, Cleveland, Ohio

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