'Jersey Shore' Has Plot Of Old Fox Sitcom

December 24, 2009|By Andy Edelstein | Andy Edelstein,McClatchy-Tribune

A TV show about a group in their 20s who rent a summer share on the Jersey Shore. Hilarity, hookups and high jinks ensue.

Been there, seen that.

A decade and a half before MTV's controversial "Jersey Shore," there was "Down the Shore," a Fox sitcom that was a lot less controversial. A lot less funny, too.

The comedy about three guys (lifelong pals) and three women (co-workers at a Manhattan ad agency) in their 20s sharing a house in the fictional town of Belmar Bay debuted in June 1992 and lasted for parts of two seasons.

The housemates included the one requisite Italian-American: a womanizing garment center worker named Aldo Carbone, played by Australian actor Louis Mandylor. As far as we know, no Italian-American anti-defamation groups raised an objection to Aldo's antics.

Aldo fancied himself as a stud even if in one episode a routine AIDS test made him fear that his fast and loose activities might have come back to haunt him.

We're sure that "Jersey Shore's" Mike "The Situation" is hoping he'll never have to face a situation like that.

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