Dixon should stay

December 23, 2009

In my over 14 years serving on the Baltimore City Council, this is the first time I have availed myself of the opportunity to respond to a Sun editorial ("Dixon should step aside," Dec. 13). I feel very strongly that the events of the last week show that the mayor has her talented team at all levels of government firmly in control. It turns out that the mayor's "staying focused" message is more than just a paper statement.

On Friday, The Sun reported that Baltimore public works crews replaced an eight-foot section of a large water main less than 24 hours after a major break flooded a section of Argonne Drive that bordered my district. Meanwhile, city Housing Department staff provided residents affected by a nearby gas main rupture with heaters and blankets. All services were restored by Monday. I was at the scene several times during this emergency and was impressed with the effort of our city employees.

And then on Sunday, less than 12 hours after a major snow storm dumped 18 or more inches of snow on Baltimore streets, all major roads were cleared and city crews were well into plowing secondary streets.

These two events are a reminder of the importance of good management. Along with the violent crime rate falling, this councilman feels secure with Mayor Dixon in City Hall. She is a great mayor who should remain in office until all legal options have been exhausted.Robert W. Curran, Baltimore

The writer is a city councilman representing the 3rd District.

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