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December 20, 2009|By June Sawyers, Tribune Newspapers

"Kilimanjaro: A Photographic Journey to the Roof of Africa"
Interlink Books, $20

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa but also, according to author Michel Moushabeck, one of the most accessible. But Moushabeck was under no illusions about the difficulty of the trip. Before he and photographer Hiltrud Schulz left, they consulted with physicians who offered advice on travel-related illnesses as well as the importance of recognizing illnesses associated with high-altitude climbing. They read and watched everything they could get their hands on, including books, Web sites and blogs. Selecting hiking equipment proved to be difficult - too many choices. Both personal and objective, the book is full of entertaining details, such as a quick stopover in London, where they buy a copy of Hemingway's "The Snows of Kilimanjaro." They describe the journey to the famous mountain, offer a portrait of their guide, Bruce ("What kind of an African name is Bruce?" Moushabeck jokes) and then, of course, describe the climb itself, the wonders of it, as well as the considerable challenges.

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