Ravens vs. Bears: Mike Preston's matchups to watch

December 20, 2009

Bears TE Greg Olsen vs. Ravens safeties Dawan Landry and Tom Zbikowski
Olsen, a third-year player, has 463 yards on 51 completions. He is Jay Cutler's primary target in the middle of the field. Either Landry or Zbikowski will be responsible for the deep third of the field, but the other can't allow Olsen to roam the middle on short- to mid-range routes. Edge: Olsen

Bears CB Charles Tillman vs. Ravens WR Derrick Mason
Tillman usually plays the left side in the Cover 2 scheme, but the Bears have been lining him up against the top receiver when necessary. Tillman breaks on the ball well and has caused a lot of fumbles this season. Mason has turned in another strong year and is used to playing against the top cornerback from the other team. Mason will get challenged a lot more than he did last week against the Lions. Edge: Even

Bears DT Tommie Harris vs. Ravens LG Ben Grubbs and LT Michael Oher
Harris will line up anywhere along the defensive line depending on the formation. Most of the time, he will position himself over Grubbs or Oher. After a slow start because of a knee injury, Harris has been on a tear lately: 2.5 sacks and four tackles for losses in the past five games. Oher has the strength to handle Harris but not for the entire game. Edge: Harris

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