Storm produces some winter tales

December 20, 2009|By Carla Correa

About 75 people were at Federal Hill Park on Saturday afternoon, either for sledding or a snowball fight that was organized via Facebook and Twitter on Friday. A handful of people brought coffee, cans of beer or bottles of cheap wine. Someone brought a boom box, wrapped in a garbage bag, that provided music. One man was buried in the snow as if he were being covered by sand at a beach.

Snow-goers used snow tubes, saucers and tops of garbage cans to sled down the hill; three inventive types even used blow-up air mattresses in lieu of sleds.The snow was a bit too dry to make good snowballs, but several people in the crowd of 20- and 30-year-olds were successful. After a few tosses, about 20 people in the crowd broke out in song, singing, what else? "The Star-Spangled Banner." (The snowball fight was called "Snow Say Can You See.")

However, the enthusiasm for snowball-throwing and anthem-singing was short-lived. After about 15 minutes, several people kept asking, "So, who wants to go to the bar?" Eventually, the official snowstorm bar crawl started at Blue Agave. For those who couldn't make it to Federal Hill, Twitter users began quickly organizing one for 4 p.m. in Canton Square.

Nathan Rauscher, a teacher who lives in Federal Hill, visited the park, but not for the fight. He still enjoyed the sights: "It's like a snow day. You don't see this very often." Originally from Rochester, N.Y., he said Saturday's storm "is impressive even by our standards."

As for the idea of the snowball fight? "I think it was brilliant."

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