Sun picks: Ravens vs. Lions

By Sun staff and WJZ's Mark Viviano

December 11, 2009

Kevin Cowherd
Ravens 27, Lions 6

C'mon, it's the Lions. This will be like hunting cows - no sport to it.

Jamison Hensley
Ravens 34, Lions 9

Beating up on the NFL's bottom feeders has never been a problem for the Ravens under John Harbaugh.

Edward Lee
Ravens 20, Lions 12

The Ravens can't possibly lose to a team with two wins over the past two seasons. Or can they?

Ken Murray
Ravens 24, Lions 13

Nothing comes easy for the Ravens this season.

Mike Preston
Ravens 30, Lions 10

Asking the Lions to win on the road is asking way too much this season.

Peter Schmuck
Ravens 37, Lions 13

This should be a confidence builder for young Joe Flacco, who needs to get Monday night out of his mind.

WJZ's Mark Viviano
Ravens 24, Lions 13

The inconsistent Ravens are consistent about beating bad teams: 3-0 vs. losers. Make it 4-0 against the toothless Lions.

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